Industrial Tech

At FZ, we solve the most complex problems associated with the design, installation, integration, and maintenance of automation systems. 

Our team has been serving the complex industrial manufacturing market for over three decades in the design, support, and creation of control systems, software products, and networking solutions. We are seasoned designers, engineers, and technicians able to step in and solve the various challenges our customers face. By providing a mix of leading edge technology and excellent customer service, we execute projects from idea conception to project completion. 

We solve our customers most complex problems with three major solution areas: controls and automation, digital products, and industrial networking. Individually these teams provide unmatched expertise, delivering on even the most complicated projects and processes. Together, these teams can take your facility to the next level by integrating all your systems to improve production efficiency. 

We will collaborate with you through a consultative approach. We’ll start by asking questions to better understand your current state—and ultimately where you have the potential to go. By understanding the challenges you face, we will design a solution around your industrial technology needs at a pace that best suits your goals and vision. 

For More Information, Contact:

Jim Ebels